50 Beautiful Sayings of Bob Goff That You will Love


Bob Goff is the author of the New York Times best-selling book Love Does. Goff is a writer and an international motivational speaker. In 2016 he launched the Dream Big Framework, a curriculum, and workshop designed to motivate people to accomplish their biggest dreams and ambitions.

Here are some beautiful quotes of Bob Goff you would like:

Beautiful Sayings of Bob Goff

  • “Figure out what fuels your joy, then do lots of that” ~ Bob Goff
  • “Embrace uncertainty. Some of the most beautiful chapters in our lives won’t have a title until much later.” ~ Bob Goff
  • “Stand up like a mountain; have faith like a rock; love like an avalanche” ~ Bob Goff
  • “Stop doing what you’re able to do and figure out what you were made to do – then do lots of that.” ~ Bob Goff
  • “See people for who they’re becoming. Not who they were.” ~ Bob Goff
  • “The teachers I’ve learned the most from, didn’t think they were teaching me; they just thought we were friends.” ~ Bob Goff
  • “I used to be afraid of failing at something that really mattered to me, but now I’m more afraid of succeeding at things that don’t matter.” ~ Bob Goff
  • “Stop telling people how far they have left to go. Instead tell them how far they’ve come.” ~ Bob Goff
  • “Courageous people feel the same fear everyone else does, they just decide to not be afraid anymore.” ~ Bob Goff
  • “I used to hope the things I did would work; now I hope they last.” ~ Bob Goff

Bob Goff Saying about Life

  • “No book is a chapter, no chapter tells the whole story, no mistake defines who we are. Hope makes our lives page turners.” ~ Bob Goff
  • “Insecurity wants us to keep track of our failures; grace doesn’t even write them down.” ~ Bob Goff
  • “Courage doesn’t mean we’re not afraid anymore, it just means our actions aren’t controlled by our doubts.” ~ Bob Goff
  • “Being engaged is a way of doing life, a way of living and loving. It’s about going to extremes and expressing the bright hope that life offers us, a hope that makes us brave and expels darkness with light. That’s what I want my life to be all about – full of abandon, whimsy, and in love.” ~ Bob Goff
  • “Don’t let other people decide who you are.” ~ Bob Goff
  • “We won’t be distracted by comparison if we’re captivated with purpose.” ~ Bob Goff
  • “Failure is just part of the process, and it’s not just okay; it’s better than okay. God doesn’t want failure to shut us down. God didn’t make it a three-strikes-and-you’re-out sort of thing. It’s more about how God helps us dust ourselves off so we can swing for the fences again. And all of this without keeping a meticulous record of our screw-ups.” ~ Bob Goff
  • “Most of our decisions are driven by either love or fear. Figure out who’s doing the talking, then decide what you’ll do.” ~ Bob Goff
  • “We determine how much influence we’ll have, when we decide how available we’ll be.” ~ Bob Goff

Bob Goff Saying about Love

  • “…love is never stationary.” – Bob Goff
  • “It will be the people with the greatest love, not the most information, who will influence us to change.” ~ Bob Goff
  • “Selfless love is always costly; fear can’t afford it, pride doesn’t understand it and friends never forget it.” ~ Bob Goff
  • “The way we love people we disagree with is the best evidence of what we really believe.” ~ Bob Goff
  • “Don’t save up love like you’re trying to retire on it; give it away like you’re made of it.” ~ Bob Goff
  • “We can’t always see people’s pain; they can always feel our love.” ~ Bob Goff
  • “Love like there’s no tomorrow; live like there’s no yesterday. We’re forgiven; now go love people like we believe it” ~ Bob Goff
  • “Most people need love and acceptance a lot more than they need advice.” ~ Bob Goff
  • “I used to think that real love involved falling for someone; but now I think it usually involves standing for someone.” ~ Bob Goff

Bob Goff Saying about God

  • “God isn’t trying to make our lives easier; He wants to make them more meaningful.” ~ Bob Goff
  • “The thing I love about God is He intentionally guides people into failure.” – Bob Goff
  • “Every day God invites us on the same kind of adventure. It’s not a trip where He sends us a rigid itinerary, He simply invites us. God asks what it is He’s made us to love, what it is that captures our attention, what feeds that deep indescribable need of our souls to experience the richness of the world He made. And then, leaning over us, He whispers, “Let’s go do that together.” ~ Bob Goff
  • “Don’t let not knowing how it’ll end keep you from beginning. Uncertainty chases us out into the open where God is waiting.” ~ Bob Goff
  • “God never said He’d eliminate all of the chaos from our lives; He just said He’d bring meaning to it.” ~ Bob Goff
  • “No one leads people to Jesus; He leads people to Himself. All the pressure’s off; just go love everybody without agenda.” ~ Bob Goff
  • “The way we deal with uncertainty says a lot about whether Jesus is ahead of us leading, or behind us just carrying our stuff.” ~ Bob Goff
  • “Instead of closing our eyes and bowing our heads, sometimes God wants us to keep our eyes open for people in need, do something about it, and bow our whole lives to Him instead.” ~ Bob Goff
  • “I once heard somebody say that God had closed a door on an opportunity they had hoped for. But I’ve always wondered if when we want to do something that we know is right and good, God places that desire deep in our hearts because He wants it for us and it honors Him. Maybe there are times when we think a door has been closed and, instead of misinterpreting the circumstances, God wants us to kick it down. Or perhaps just sit outside of it long enough until somebody tells us we can come in.” ~ Bob Goff
  • “Loving people the way Jesus did, means living a life of constant interruptions. Bring it.” ~ Bob Goff
  • “The way we deal with uncertainty says a lot about whether Jesus is ahead of us leading, or behind us just carrying our stuff.” ~ Bob Goff
  • “God pursues us into whatever dark place we’ve landed and behind whatever locked door holds us in. He holds our unwashed and dirty hands and models how He wants us to pursue each other And He says to ordinary people like me and you that instead of closing our eyes and bowing our heads, sometimes God wants us to keep our eyes open for people in need, do something about it, and bow our whole lives to Him instead.” ~ Bob Goff
  • “God’s big plan: go love everybody, always!” ~ Bob Goff
  • “I think God’s hope and plan for us is pretty simple to figure out. For those who resonate with formulas, here it is: add your whole life, your loves, your passions, and your interests together with what God said He wants us to be about, and that’s your answer.” ~ Bob Goff
  • “God often waits until we’re out of ideas before He lets us know His plans. He competes for our hearts, not our attention.” ~ Bob Goff
  • “What I’ve learned the more time I’ve spent following Jesus is that God delights in answering our impossible prayers.” ~ Bob Goff
  • “I’ve learned that God sometimes allows us to find ourselves in a place where we want something so bad that we can’t see past it. Sometimes we can’t even see God because of it. When we want something that bad, it’s easy to mistake what we truly need for the thing we really want. When this sort of thing happens, and it seems to happen to everyone, I’ve found it’s because what God has for us is obscured from view, just around another bend in the road.” ~ Bob Goff
  • “Day turned to night, His friends scattered and death thought it had won. But heaven just started counting to three” ~ Bob Goff
  • “Whatever you’re aiming for, God’s better.” ~ Bob Goff
  • “Love God. Love people. And do stuff. That’s my punch list everyday.” ~ Bob Goff

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