50 Frank Ocean Quotes May Change Your Life


Frank Ocean (October 28, 1987) is an American singer, songwriter, rapper, record producer and photographer. Ocean is known for his idiosyncratic musical style, introspective and elliptical songwriting, unconventional production techniques and wide vocal range. Music critics have credited him with revitalizing R&B, with his distinctive sound and style influencing numerous artists of various music genres

Frank Ocean Quotes on Success

  • “Work hard in silence, let success be your noise.” ~ Frank Ocean

Frank Ocean Quotes on Love

  • “Just remember; someone loves everything you hate about yourself.” ~ Frank Ocean
  • “Don’t feel sad over someone who gave up on you, feel sorry for them because they gave up on someone who would have never given up on them.” ~ Frank Ocean
  • “Those who are heartless, once cared too much.” ~ Frank Ocean
  • “I don’t know if I ever told you this before, but you’re the only one I ever waited for this long.” ~ Frank Ocean
  • “Don’t ever play with someone’s feelings, you could win the game but you could lose that person forever.” ~ Frank Ocean
  • “Distance sometimes lets you know who’s worth keeping and who’s worth letting go.” ~ Frank Ocean
  • “I believe that marriage isn’t between a man and woman; but between love and love.” ~ Frank Ocean
  • “Go for someone who is proud to have you.” ~ Frank Ocean
  • “If someone breaks your heart, just punch them in the face. Seriously. Punch them in the face and go get some ice cream.” ~ Frank Ocean

  • “It’s a bad religion to be in love with someone who could never love you.” ~ Frank Ocean
  • “This unrequited love, to me it’s nothing but a one-man cult/And cyanide in my styrofoam cup” ~ Frank Ocean

Frank Ocean Quotes on Life

  • “Don’t confuse my personality with my attitude. My personality is who I am, and my attitude depends on who you are.” ~ Frank Ocean
  • “Never run back to what broke you.” ~ Frank Ocean
  • “Once I catch you in one lie, it makes me question everything you said.” ~ Frank Ocean
  • “Smile, it’s easier than explaning why you’re sad” ~ Frank Ocean
  • “You just do what you can and you have as much fun as possible.” ~ Frank Ocean
  • “In art, at a certain level, there is no ‘better than.’ It’s just about trying to operate for yourself on the most supreme level, artistically, that you can and hoping that people get it. Trusting that, just because of the way people are built and how interconnected we are, greatness will translate and symmetry will be recognised.” ~ Frank Ocean

  • “The worse part of being lied to is when you realize you believed it.” ~ Frank Ocean
  • “I’ve been thinking about forever” ~ Frank Ocean
  • “You can’t think. You just have to do things.” ~ Frank Ocean
  • “People are just afraid of things too much … Sure, evil exists, extremism exists. Somebody could commit a hate crime and hurt me. But they could do the same just because I’m black. They could do the same just because I’m American.” ~ Frank Ocean

Frank Ocean Quotes on Music

  • “When you’re happy you enjoy the music, but when you’re sad you understand the lyrics.” ~ Frank Ocean
  • “As a writer, as a creator, I’m giving you my experiences. But just take what I give you. You ain’t got to pry beyond that.” ~ Frank Ocean
  • “As a man I am not a killer. I’m an artist and a modern person. I’ll choose sanity.” ~ Frank Ocean
  • “It’s not always easy to be transparent about your emotions and sometimes the music can get heavy.” ~ Frank Ocean
  • “The first four and a half years was me in the studio every day, writing songs for other people. I had jobs, too – eleven jobs. I worked at Kinko’s, Fatburger, Subway – I was a sandwich artist – and I was a claims processor at Allstate Insurance.” ~ Frank Ocean
  • “I feel like I was writing as I was learning to talk. Writing was always a go-to form of communication.” ~ Frank Ocean
  • “Being singer/songwriter implies versatility and being able to create more than one medium, and R&B artist is a box, simple as that. It is ‘that’s what you do, that’s what you are’, and that’s a little unfair, to me, because I don’t just do that. So I like singer/songwriter because it allows me to move a little bit more freely.” ~ Frank Ocean

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