Richard Ford

  • “Find what causes a commotion in your heart. Find a way to write about that”
  • “I know you can dream your way through an otherwise fine life, and never wake up, which is what I almost did.”
  • “When people realize they are being listened to, they tell you things.”
  • “Some idiotic things are well worth doing.”
  • “Your life doesn’t mean what you have or what you get. Its what your’e willing to give up.”
  • “The art of living your life has a lot to do with getting over loss. The less the past haunts you, the better.”
  • “Love isn’t a thing, after all, but an endless series of single acts.”
  • “If you lose all hope, you can always find it again.”
  • “Maturity, as I conceived it, was recognizing what was bad or peculiar in life, admitting it has to stay that way, and going ahead with the best of things.”
  • “Literature should not be exclusive, it should be inclusive. My general view is that you can’t, based on your own experience, project what a book will do for someone else. That’s why I don’t review books.”
  • “I have a theory… that someplace at the heart of most compelling stories is something that doesn’t make sense.”
  • “At the exact moment any decision seems to be being made, it’s usually long after the real decision was actually made–like light we see emitted from stars.”
  • “Being a slow reader would normally be a deficiency; I found a way to make it an asset. I began to sound words and see all those qualities – in a way it made words more precious to me. Since so much of what happens in the world between human beings has to do with the inconsideration of language, with the imprecision of language, with language leaving our mouths unmediated, one thing which was sensuous and visceral led to, in the use of language, a moral gesture. It was about trying to use language to both exemplify and articulate what good is.”
  • “Writing never came naturally and I still have to force my hand to do it.”
  • “Humans generally get out the gist of what they need to say right at the beginning, then spend forever qualifying, contradicting, burnishing or taking important things back. Yor rareley miss anything by cutting most people off after two sentences.”
  • “It’s been my habit of mind, over these years, to understand that every situation in which human beings are involved can be turned on its head. Everything someone assures me to be true might not be. Every pillar of belief the world rests on may or may not be about to explode. Most things don’t stay the way they are very long. Knowing this, however, has not made me cynical. Cynical means believing that good isn’t possible; and I know for a fact that good is. I simply take nothing for granted and try to be ready for the change that’s soon to come.”
  • “Writing is the only thing I’ve ever done with persistence, except for being married.”
  • “I didn’t read a serious book until I was 19.”
  • “Most things don’t stay the way they are for very long. I take nothing for granted and try to be ready for the change that’s soon to come.”
  • “I’m intrigued by how ordinary behavior exists so close beside its opposite.”
  • “Some people want to be bank presidents. Other people want to rob banks.”
  • “Our ex-wifes always harbour secrets about us that make them irresistable. Until, of course, we remember who we are and what we did and why we are not married anymore.”
  • “If loneliness is the disease, the story is the cure.”
  • “Cynicism makes you feel smart, I know it, even when you aren’t smart.”
  • “You’re only good if you can do bad and decide not to.”

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